Scott Wilkinson

Episode 863 (21:20)

Scott joins us for the latest in Leo’s home theater project. He’s trying to decide between Screen Goo or an actual screen from Leo says that you basically need a professional to paint the wall with ScreenGoo. Scott agrees. So how do you decide on a screen. Scott says if you have an LG projector that shows 3D, they use a polarized projector image which means a special screen, that’s not ideal for 2D. But for an Epson with good light control, then a white screen with not a lot of “gain.” The most popular is 1.3. How about matte gray? Scott says gray is good for ambient light because it lowers the black level, helping it out.

This week’s poll question - “Have you cut the cord?” and where do you get your TV if you do? Head on over to and vote! The big problem with cord cutting is bandwidth caps from your ISP if you can’t get over the air TV and have to rely on your ISP for streaming video.

IHSScreenDigest has also reported that last year, physical media (DVDs, Blu-ray, etc) had a 2–1 advantage over streaming online. This year, streaming is poised to pass it. WOW. Is Blu-ray dead?