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Google Photos

Google Photos offers free storage and automatic organization for all of your photos and videos. You can backup unlimited photos up to 16MP, and video up to 1080p HD. Then you can access them across all of your devices with apps and through the web.

Google makes all of your photos searchable too, even if the photos aren't tagged. It will identify objects and locations in the photos, so you can just type in "dog" and it will turn up all of the photos with dogs in them. The Assistant within Google Photos will create collages, movies, and fun animations. It also will create smart albums based on the location and time of photos taken. There are also advanced editing tools in Google Photos. You can adjust lighting, contrast, color, and vignette, or you can select one of the 14 photo filters provided.

Google just announced new features at Google I/O for Photos, including Shared Libraries, suggested sharing, and Photo Books. With Shared Libraries, you can automatically share photos of a particular person. For example, you could have photos of your children automatically go into a shared library with family members. With Suggested Sharing, the app will recommend that you share photos with people that it detects in the picture. Photo Books are high quality prints of your photos, which you can put together yourself, or Google can even do it automatically if it determines there's a collection of photos that belong together. The books will cost $9.99. Google also announced Google Lens integration into Photos, so it can identify things that you've photographed and give you contextual information on it.

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