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Product of the week

Inbox by Gmail

Google has released a new product that aims to make email more managable, simply called "Inbox by Gmail." One of the biggest issues with email today is that we get inundated by thousands of emails that all land in the same place. Whether they're messages from family and friends, social media updates, flight confirmations, or promotions, it all lands in your inbox as "unread" with the same priority level.

Inbox, on the other hand, has a more organized approach, and presents itself as a more visual feed of information. It bundles similar messages together, so all promotions, purchases, travel updates, and more will all be categorized automatically. Inbox also shows you "Highlights" of your messages, so you don't even have to open them to get relevant information. Flight information, order status updates, and pictures all will be displayed without having to click and open each email.

Since we often use email as a task manager, Google has made it easier to interact with messages that way. Inbox allows you to add your "to-dos" to the top of your inbox. It even will add relevant information to the reminder. For instance, if you include a place, it will automatically find the phone number for it and its hours of operation.

Inbox by Gmail gives you control over when and where messages arrive, too. You can snooze messages so they appear again at a later date and time, or you could have them appear when you reach a certain location. When you're done with messages, you can swipe them away. Or you can pin messages so they remain in your inbox.

Inbox by Gmail is available on the web, and on iOS and Android with its mobile app. It's free, but currently is invite only. If you don't know anyone with an invite, you can send an email to to request it. You can find out more about Inbox by Gmail at