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Watch Mark from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Mark says that Google Glasses is a lot like the scifi novel Damon, which has a guy with glasses that gives him information about people’s reputation as he sees them.
Mark also wants to know about online invitations for a scouting event. Suggestions? Leo says he uses eVite, but the downside of it is that you have to sign in and use it, which has potential privacy issues. Other options include EventBrite, if you’re raising money. The chatroom says AnyVite is a good free option, as is Facebook Events - which is beneficial since just about everyone is on Facebook anyway. But those who aren’t … they may not be too thrilled. Here’s 10 Alternatives to EVite by CNet.

Mark also is having trouble syncing photos to his iPhone. Leo says that for the MAC, iPhoto is the best option because it syncs directly to the iPhone. But on the PC, you’d probably have to use iTunes. Picasa is also an option, because it works similarly like iPhoto - syncing directly.

Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay got a new HDTV and he’s not thrilled with it. The yellow decal that was placed on the screen has never been completely removed. Leo is outraged by how stupid a company would be to do such a wreckless thing that could easily ruin the screen since it isn’t static cling. Leo knows how to get rid of the goo with GooGone, but it’s solvents WILL ruin the screen. So DON’T use it. You can’t even use something like Windex. You need a screen cleaner like AppleJuice or ScreenKleaner. They’re very mild and designed to not strip the coating on the screen. Wet a sponge with it and dab it and soak it until it is able to come off. Course, you can also return it.

Watch Walter from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Walter wants to use Carbonite to back up his images from his iPad. Leo says that PhotoStream is a great option, but the downside is that it only lasts 30 days before the photos fall off. Carbonite can work, but Leo says that syncing to your computer is the best option long term. Unfortunately, Walter doesn’t own a computer. Just the iPad. Leo recommends DropBox. You get 2GB for free. Leo also uses apps like Camera Awesome for the iPhone which automatically backs up to SmugMug. You can also upload to Facebook. Batch will go through your camera roll, assign pictures to albums, and upload the entire folder to Facebook as an Album.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)

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Watch Pete from Riverside, CA Comments

Pete found an 82″ Mitsubishi projector HDTV and wants to know how well projector screens are. Leo says that while most people focus on LCD or Plasma, projectors are a great value and you can get them pretty large. And they’re thinner now than they were back in the day.

Watch Bill from Phelan, CA Comments

Bill says the secret to blacking out your windows for home theater is to get blackout material, sew a border around it and punch grommets in it. You can use as your screen since it’s white. It’s got a 1.0–1.1 gain. You can get it at Joanne’s. Professional installers use it and charge a bundle.


Watch Neil from Rochester, NY Comments

Neil bought a MacBook Pro at the beginning of the year. Is there a good way to get rid of the widgets from the desktop? Leo says you have to turn on developer mode for the dashboard and then drag them on or off. Here’s a MacWorld article that shows how. But there’s no real permanent way to keep it from floating.

Watch Dan from Calgary, Alberta, Canada Comments

Dan is recording HD videos with his point and shoot but can’t play it back on his PC because they’re damaged. Leo recommends Grau Online. Works for both MAC and Windows. Free Demo will do the first 50MB. So you can try before you buy.

Watch Steve from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Steve’s PC screen will freeze up, forcing him to reboot the computer. Leo says it’s possible the video card is dying, but it may also be just a bad or lose video cable between the monitor and the PC. Update the drivers. These are simple things to do. Then if it still persists, you’ll probably have to replace the video card.

Watch David from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

David has been told he needs to be on Pinterest if he wants to sell things online. Leo says it’s a very popular social media site and is by invitation only. It’s like a bulletin board for stuff you want to buy. So it kinda makes sense. When things are pinned, people follow them and buy stuff by referrals. But the problem with Pinterest is that they’re running into copyright issues with images that members are pinning that they don’t own. Here’s a good article on “How to use Pinterest Without Breaking the Law.”

It’s really kinda silly. But if people are putting up copyright images for others to view that prohibits commerce, then a take down is warranted. But that’s pretty much as bad as it would get.

Check out David’s site The Image Emporium.

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Watch Matt from Speedway, IN Comments

Matt is looking to become a Cord Cutter. He’s seen the Belmont list of what set top boxes do what. But he’s concerned about bandwidth caps. Leo says that video can really add up, especially if you’re streaming HD. But if you supplement it with over the air broadcast television via an antenna, then it helps. The other downside is that some TV shows aren’t available right away, depending on the network. But using iTunes or Amazon, you can go piecemeal and maybe save money in the long run.

Watch Elliot from Long Beach, CA Comments

Elliot wants to use Google Voice to make calls through his computer. Does he have to use Chrome? Leo says no. Firefox would do. You just need Google’s voice plugin. Can he attach a phone to his computer? Leo says the best way is to use a USB headset like the Plantronics 655. A phone that plugs into a USB port will work though.

Watch Jay from Victoria, Canada Comments

Jay came across the Mirasol color eInk reader. He took a look at the iPad and it uses twice as much energy as the previous model. He’s not thrilled with that. So the Mirasol eInk is attractive to him. But they’re in Japan and aren’t coming to North America. Leo says time will tell.

Watch Tim from Riverside, CA Comments

Tim needs an all in one printer. Leo likes the Epson Workforce printers. Very affordable. HUGE paper bins. Excellent quality. If you need a home model, the Epson Artisan is the one to get. Both can also be hooked up wirelessly to your network which is great because every computer in the house can use them.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Judy from San Diego, CA Comments

Unknown switch error. She has no idea what it is. Leo says it’s trying to launch a program but it can’t because of a switch in the executable. But the thing is, nobody knows what it is. Could it be a virus or trojan?