digital signage

Episode 859 (1:14:01)

Kenneth from Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth has a tour company and he wants to create a visitors’ center that’s digital to attract more clientele. Leo says that restaurants are using HDTVs attached to a computer via PC interface that has software running that autoruns. Powerpoint would even do it. In fact, you can even crosslink Powerpoint to a Spreadsheet to automatically pull in the updated information. A Mac would probably have a more elegant look via Keynote and a MacMini would work great.

What about HDTVs for the Window? Leo says that LCD TVs are a best option, but don’t spend a lot, just the size you need. LG makes a TV just for this purpose called the EZSign TV that goes all the way to 55″. And it has it’s own on board software so all you need to do is plug in a thumb drive that has the information and it goes.

Another option is an Open Source option called XIBO.