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Watch Tom from Atlanta, GA Comments

Tom has a HAM Radio podcast called HQARadio that he’s been doing really well, but he hosts a lot video now and needs a third party hosting option to keep the costs down. He’s doing uStream for live streaming and that’s working well. But he is concerned about video buffering. Leo says that video can kill your bandwidth cap pretty quickly. It’s not like radio where there’s no difference between 100 and a million listeners because it’s over the air. Podcasts are more like magazines where you have hard costs for each viewer.

Leo says that Blip.TV is a great option because once you upload your video there, it gets distributed to Youtube, Vimeo, etc. And it can also be subscribed and downloaded much like iTunes. And at no cost to you. So check that out.

Watch Paul from California Comments

Paul’s laptop has stopped reading his DVDs. CDs are fine though. He first thought it may be the dvd player software but that comes up as wrong format. Leo suspects that since CDs and DVDs are read by different lasers, the DVD one is probably busted or out of alignment. Time to get a new DVD drive.

Paul also wants to get a gigabit network going, but he hears that he won’t get a true gigabit between computers on the network. Leo says that a gigabit switch does it, and only wired networking will handle it. Attack the DSL Modem to the switch and then go to the devices there. You’ll also need at least CAT5 E cable. Cat 6 if over 100 feet.

Watch Pete from San Diego, CA Comments

Pete’s wife has a computer that keeps bugging her to upgrade to Internet Explorer 9. What happens if she doesn’t want to? Leo says nothing. It’s a good idea to for security purposes, but if she prefers not to, it shouldn’t really be an issue. But what is annoying about IE9 is that buttons have been moved around and that can cause some confusion. To block the popups, you can download the Internet Explorer 9 blocker kit.

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Watch Daniel from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Daniel has a question about Home Theater processors. There’s not a lot in the $2,000 range. Leo says that’s because most home theater systems have the chops to do a fine job. He has a Panasonic Viera G25 50″ Plasma. Leo says that on the Viera the processors are doing a great job and unless you’re a hyper videophile willing to spend a lot of money, what Dana has is just fine. What about audio quality? Leo says to head over to and read up on Scott’s reviews on A/V receivers. Scott like Onkyo in that regard, but there are other choices as well.

Watch Leslie from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Leslie is a sales person and is looking at TrackVia. Leo says that something off the shelf or writing your own is a common dilemma. Podio, Mavenlink, and Zoho are good alternatives. Another is Skylight. So the field is pretty vast. But there’s nothing really negative about TrackVia, in fact, it’s very customizable. So go for it. Check out this link for a complete list of options.

Watch Dave from St. Louis, MO Comments

Dave just got an iPad 2 and he also has a 2nd generation iPod Touch and iCloud doesn’t work with that. Leo says that it’s likely that the iPod Touch just doesn’t have the horsepower to handle iCloud. Or it could be that Apple just wants you to buy a new iPod to do it. Wouldn’t put it past them. You can use iTunes as a go between though.

Watch Brian from The Internet Comments

Brian goes to his website and he gets errors. Leo says that to check out ISUP.Me to verify if it’s working. Input your website URL and it’ll check if it’s everyone or just you.

Watch Paul from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Paul wants to get a RAID 5 NAS backup solution and wants to know what happens when a drive fails. Leo says the nice thing about RAID 5 is you can pop out a drive, put a replacement in and there’s no downtime or rebuild. What about Carbonite, will it work via RAID? Leo doesn’t think so. But JungleDisk can do it via their plugin. Crashplan also supports NAS’s. QNap. But make sure your NAS doesn’t have a utility for that.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)

Watch Kenneth from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Kenneth has a tour company and he wants to create a visitors’ center that’s digital to attract more clientele. Leo says that restaurants are using HDTVs attached to a computer via PC interface that has software running that autoruns. Powerpoint would even do it. In fact, you can even crosslink Powerpoint to a Spreadsheet to automatically pull in the updated information. A Mac would probably have a more elegant look via Keynote and a MacMini would work great.

What about HDTVs for the Window? Leo says that LCD TVs are a best option, but don’t spend a lot, just the size you need. LG makes a TV just for this purpose called the EZSign TV that goes all the way to 55″. And it has it’s own on board software so all you need to do is plug in a thumb drive that has the information and it goes.

Another option is an Open Source option called XIBO.

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Watch Harold from Greenville, SC Comments

Harold has updated his Flash but he keeps getting prompted to update it. Leo says Adobe’s updater isn’t very good and if there’s anything open that uses Flash, like a browser, it won’t update. So make sure you’ve got everthing closed before you run the updater. Also, use the stand alone updater. Close down all browsers, run as an administrator, and run the updater. Here’s also a technote on the issue and will tell you what version flash you have an what steps to take.

Watch Steve from West Virginia Comments

Steve is an Apple Geek. He just got the “New iPad” and he’s not really impressed with it. Leo says that while Steve can use his iPod Touch the same way, that new iPad has a lot of pristine real estate and the display is stunning. But should he take it back and get the iPad 2? Leo says that for $100 more, you get a 4X faster system, gorgeous screen, and it has a usable camera. Then there’s the 4G/LTE access. For Leo, going forward, that’s well worth an additional $100.

Watch Mark from Grand Rapids, MI Comments

Mark just replaced his router with a CISCO E1200 router and he wants to lock out the SSID or is the Guest account firewalled? Leo says that Guest logins are firewalled with a separate password, so it can’t get into your system. you can disable it though. But if you have guests a lot, it’s very convenient. But beware of WPS, it’s an 8 digit PIN on your router which has been hacked and bypasses all WPA2 encryption. And disabling it doesn’t help. So make sure you get the latest firmware for your router and then disable WPS. And here’s a list of Linksys routers that are on schedule to have this issue fixed or are outstanding and vulnerable.

Watch Steve from Torrance, CA Comments

Steve wants to connect his HDTV via an antenna and get the best possible reception. Leo suggests going to for tips.

Watch Ryan from Long Beach, CA Comments

Ryan has a wireless cable modem by Comcast and he can’t get it to connect. Leo says to connect your laptop to your router wired and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then you know there’s an issue with the router. But Ryan says they could connect with their router and Ryan can surf in other locations. Leo says to get a friend to come over and try it. If they can, then Ryan’s laptop has some funky configuration that won’t work. Maybe an AVS setting. You can also go to your command line and type “PING″ (yahoo). If you can, then it’s a DNS issue.