How Can I Get Data off a Dead SSD Drive?

Episode 1842 (1:32:56)

Larry from San Bernardino, CA

Larry Mac has a dead hard drive that he needs to get some crypto data from. It says it's "Raw." How can he tell what file system is being used? Leo says it could be HFS. That's likely. But it could be physically damaged, and there's nothing you can do. But if it's damaged at the software level, you could run SpinRite to recover the drive and the data. But first, make a bit for bit image copy of the drive. Then work from that. You don't want to further damage the original drive. So work on a copy of the drive. SpinRite will work on the lowest level of the drive, going through each sector to read it until it can get the data and move it to a better sector. For using Windows to read it, you want to get Paragon's HFS+ software. 

If that doesn't work, you can always resort to Drivesavers. It's not cheap, but that could be the only option if the data is critical. But it's not cheap. Still, a call could yield some more ideas.

Another thing is to use EaseUS Mac data recovery tools. And the drive may have died due to a bad controller. Replacing that may be expensive, but it's worth a try.