How Can I Watch Local TV Channels Without Cable?

Episode 1841 (45:20)

Kevin from Porter Ranch, CA

Kevin's DirecTV drops his local stations a lot. How can he complain about it? Leo says to complain to local stations. They're likely demanding a lot more money than DirecTV is willing to pay to carry the channels. A better option anyway, is to get an antenna and watch local channels over the air. The HD is uncompressed, and if Kevin's within range of the antennas at Mount Wilson, he can get a much better picture anyway. Check out and for a list of channels in the area and what antenna is best to use.

Another option is to use YouTubeTV. $65 a month and he can get built-in DVRs for up to five people, local channels, and the advantage of being able to watch YouTube without commercials. They also have a free trial.