Why Is My Phone Battery Swollen?

Episode 1836 (1:01:52)

Carlos from Whittier, CA
Phone Battery

Carlos is an old Fortran programmer who has reinvented himself as a computer science professor in his retirement years. He's got a Google Pixel 4 mobile phone and he's had terrible customer support on his swelling battery. Leo says the proper response is to replace it because it's a fire hazard. That Google isn't doing that is extremely disappointing. Carlos finally got an RMA return and they will replace it with a refurbished unit. But it took several weeks via email to get them to do the right thing. Is Google having issues with batteries? Leo says no more than other phone manufacturers, but it is a known problem. All Lithium-Ion batteries have the potential to do this if the chemistry goes bad in an old battery. The issue is, how the company responds. This may be a good reason to buy your phones from a store - that way you have someplace to take it to get it fixed or replaced.