Sam Abuelsamid and 95% More

Episode 1836 (29:02)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joined Leo to talk about cars. This week, he drove the Mustang MachE GT, which has more power (480hp) and up to 630 footpoints of torque. Meaning it can run as fast as a Shelby GT but quieter. Sam also went to GM this week to cover a bunch of announcements during Investor Day. GM will be revealing the upcoming Silverado Electric with a range of over 400 miles per charge. Leo says the competition in the truck market is really heating up for electric. GM also announced UltraCruise, a next-generation hands-free driver-assist system. UltraCruise will be able to drive on over 4 million miles of roads of varying kinds, with all types of functionality: much likes Tesla's self-driving system that will work basically driveway to driveway, or 95% of all driving scenarios. It will also work with LIDAR to enable the car's SD system to analyze the road ahead in 3D space. But Sam says it's still not strictly autopilot. Drivers will still have to stay at the ready to take over control. 

Sam also says that almost all cars will have a level 2 driver-assist system by the end of the decade, which he doesn't think is a great idea. But that's where we're heading. 

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