Johnny Jet ... a MAZE ing.

Episode 1835 (1:34:00)

Johnny joins Leo to talk about things to do with the family for Halloween. Local haunts and family pumpkin patches are everywhere. He took his family to Underwood Family Farms this week. 

In travel news ... case numbers are going down in most states, meaning that we're heading in the right direction. And soon, Hawaii may soon announce welcoming travelers back as long as they are fully vaccinated. So now is the time to book your holiday travel. Right now, you can fly to Hawaii for $80-95 for Thanksgiving! New York to LA for under $160. Even as low as $75 one way. That's insane.  But everyone is now requiring vaccinations. 

United Airlines predicts that December is going to be the biggest travel month in the last two years. Meanwhile, 2.2 million passed through the TSA yesterday, a huge increase. Canada is announcing everyone traveling on trains, plains, must all be vaccinated by the end of October or you won't' be able to travel. Period. There may be some health exemptions, but that's about it.

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