The GizWiz and  the Keyhole Companion

Episode 1835 (2:41:00)


This week's gadget is called the Keyhole Companion. And what’s it for. Now when hanging a picture, or more importantly for tech folks, hanging another power strip. You don’t need to guess where the screws in the wall have to be mounted. There is no measuring. You put these Keyhole markers on the back of the object you're hanging. Those red gadgets are spring-loaded and will lock into the mounting hole of the powerstrip. Now you place it where you want it on the wall. Then after you level the object – a level is included in the kit – you push the Keyhole Companion against the wall. Then take it away and you have two marks that show exactly where the mounting screws should go! It’s on Amazon. MSRP: $21.99.

Here’s the WTHII video Mo Torres sent us: Youtube:


Giz Wiz link here.