Why Are My Bluetooth EarPods Breaking Up?

Episode 1834 (1:32:02)

John from Webster City, IA

John has problems with his Bluetooth earbuds breaking up when he's outside. He's tried more than one model and it still happens. But when they're inside, they play just fine. Leo says that Bluetooth is a frustrating art form that Apple has tied us to, so they can make money selling Bluetooth headphones. Now everyone is doing it: drives him nuts. It's likely interference. More expensive models usually have better reception, so it may just be a case of you get what you pay for. OneMore makes a pair that wires both pods together. This is key because in Bluetooth EarPods, one gets the signal and passes it on to the other, through your head. And since your head can obstruct a signal, that can be the problem. So get the wired Bluetooth headphones instead.