What's the Difference Between Level 1 & Level 2 EV Chargers?

Episode 1833 (2:13:00)

Carmine from Chicago, IL

Carmine has an electric vehicle and wants to know what's the difference between level 1 through level 3 charging. Leo says it's the size of the water pipe for the electricity. It uses the same amount of electricity, it just depends on how fast he wants it. The bigger the pipe, the more it costs. So charging an electric car in the middle of the day will cost more than filling it in the middle of the night, when demand is lower. He'll also need special 40 amp circuits and 240v AC plug receptacles to use them. That will require an electrician. It's about $200. Level 3 is DC fast charging, not AC. It's what Tesla Superchargers use. It's around 480v DC, but it varies according to load. 

Level 1 - 12 hours full charge

Level 2 - 4 hours full charge

Level 3 - about an hour

Of course, that depends on the car, what the range is, and how depleted the battery is. But overnight is very doable for most people driving around town. But get a level 2 charger at home.