Is a $99 Laptop a Scam?

Episode 1832 (47:34)

Robin from San Pedro, CA

Robin recently bought a refurbished laptop for a cheap price. Could it be a scam? Leo says it could be. Leo tends to recommend buying refurbished directly from the manufacturer. They are perfectly fine. But a third-party refurb is another story. It's coming from China; will it have spyware on it? Leo says that would be the least of his worries; you can always wipe the drive and reinstall Windows to get rid of it. And the price is so cheap; it's likely a recycled laptop that is being resold. 

Robin is also thinking of making a switch from Apple to Android. He wants a large screen. What's the best option there for the money? Leo says that the Motorola Moto G9 is a bargain and it has a huge screen. And you can't beat the price at around $300.