Why Isn’t My Note 20 Updating?

Episode 1830 (1:28:04)

Craig from Dallas, TX
Samsung Note 20

Craig signed up for Mint Mobile (a sponsor of the TWiT Network) recently. But he hasn't gotten any security updates for his Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Leo says that you have to wait for the carriers to approve it. It goes Google - Samsung - the carriers. And often, there is a tug of war between the manufacturer and the carrier over who pays for the bandwidth to manage the update. It's possible that Mint Mobile is blocking the update. That would be a problem, but it could also be Samsung. They are a little slow on updates to their phones. Here's how to check for updates on a Samsung device. There's also this note from TMobile, which is the backend to Mint Mobile.

You can also use Samsung Smartswitch to update it manually. You'll need a phone USB cable.