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Episode 1836

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Streaming video services overseas, where is my email stored? Logging into Windows without passwords, why is my phone battery swollen? Can passwords be compromised on a public hotspot? Adjusting the in-call volume in an Android phone, connecting a phone to your TV, Leo talks with Sam Abuelsamid, Chris Marquardt, Rod Pyle, and more of your calls!

Episode 1835

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How to clean up a laptop keyboard that's filled with granulated sugar, how to properly back up Windows 10 before migrating to Windows 11, avoiding phishing schemes and checking if you've been hacked, how to use Migration Assistant on the Mac, the best antivirus software for macOS, using a Ring video doorbell in cold weather, installing Windows 11 on multiple machines and managing Microsoft Accounts, why you have to have an iPhone to set up an Apple Watch, and tips for using a smartphone as a mobile hotspot.

Episode 1834

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Can robocallers have a plethora of information on you, turning an iPad Mini into a mobile phone, iCloud login issues, why a caller's Bluetooth earpods isn't working, a way to remotely control a TV monitors, good waterproof headphones and speakers, getting Google Pay to work on an unlocked Android phone, chatting with Sam Abuelsamid, Chris Marquardt, and Rod Pyle, and more of your calls!

Episode 1833

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Fixing password problems with Roku's Apple TV+ app, teaching kids to code, getting a PC to recognize a plugged-in mobile phone, upgrading to WiFi 6, blocking robocalls, using Siri to book an Uber, understanding the difference between charging levels for EVs, troubleshooting DirecTV DVR, finding a text-to-speech device for the blind, finding text-to-speech apps for mobile phones.

Episode 1832

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Leo helps a caller with being unable to enter their email address in online forms, why a caller's Apple Watch may not be able to update, a way to add Bluetooth capabilities to your TV, could a $99 laptop be a scam?, sharing photos with family, why Siri isn't working on an iPad correctly, playing music on Amazon Alexa, a photo review assignment with Chris Marquardt, Rod Pyle and William Shatner's upcoming flight into space, and more of your calls!

Episode 1831

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Fixing a PC that turns off automatically and won't turn back on, avoiding robocalls and junk calls, recording a phone conversation (legally), troubleshooting data connections while using GPS navigation, getting a better connection for streaming Apple TV+, finding a good video calling option for the elderly, recovering a password for an AOL email account, recovering domains, and getting rid of spam.

Episode 1830

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The first all-civilian space crew returned home on Saturday and Rod Pyle joins the show to talk about it, moving data between PC's, Sam Abuelsamid talks about Tesla's new self-driving program for the low price of $10,000, a caller's printer is not printing pages correctly, issues with a caller's computer they got from Costco, why your smart plugs might not be connecting to your smart device, a caller's computer is shutting down at a very specific time, and more of your calls!

Episode 1829

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Apple announcements from the California Streaming event, alternatives for internet when in a bad coverage area, Scott Wilkinson has the results of the Value Electronics Great TV Shoot Out, what MacBook would be best to stream church services, is there a phone without 5g? Travel updates with Johnny Jet, accessing computers remotely, what is the best Android tablet? What is the best option for backing up photos in the cloud?

Episode 1828

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Buying a new iPhone now or waiting until after Apple's event on Sept. 14th, turning off Microsoft News popups in Windows 10, why iCloud won't backup more than one iPhoto library, good gaming desktop choices for kids, getting photos off a locked phone, getting rid of old network connections on your iPhone, how you could go online with an old Vista computer, but really shouldn't,  Sam Abuelsamid and the new RoboTaxi service called Moovit, chatting with Chris Marquardt about street photography, Rod Pyle & the first SpaceX all-civilian crew, and more of your calls!