Rod Pyle and Going Sideways

Episode 1824 (1:56:54)

Rod Pyle

Rod Pyle joins Leo to talk about the launch of the Astra rocket, which started its launch inching sideways across the launch pad before going up. Astra is a small rocket start-up, launching its third attempt.  What happened? Rod says that one of the give small engines failed, and it could only hover until it became light enough to start climbing. Eventually, the rocket had to be destroyed as debris began to fall off the rocket itself. So third time wasn't a charm for Astra. But Space is hard.

In other space news, Jeff Bezos is suing NASA again. Elon Musk jibed that Bezos retired from NASA to have a career suing his way into space. In addition, Amazon is also suing the FCC to deny Starlink certification. Rod agrees with Leo that it's the last bastion of the scoundrel, and it will slow NASA's Artemis Moon Program down and cost taxpayers millions. All because Bezos is a sore loser. Rod thinks that Blue Origin should put rockets up into space, other than a popgun tourist shot, to prove they're worthy.

Meanwhile, the James Webb space telescope has passed its final testing, and it's on its way to French Guiana for launch in late December or early next year.