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Watch Henry from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Henry has a Synology NAS at home and at the office. But he's having issues with Windows users in his company being able to access it remotely. How can he do that? Leo says that remote access via SMB may have a security issue that causes Synology not to support it. There is an open-source version called CIF that should work, however. It can also support NFS. Leo can log into his using Windows, Mac and Linux with no problem. Make sure you have all the ports open that you need. CIF uses 139 or 445. NFS 5005,5006. Synology also supports SSH. That will definitely work and could be the key to all of this. 

Leo has also turned on https using Let's Encrypt to make it more secure. 

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Watch Lauren from La Mesa, CA Comments

Lauren wants to know what is the most waterproof phone on the market. Leo says that IP ratings measure the water resistance of a device. The iPhone has an IP rating of 68, which means it can be waterproof in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. But the charging port can still be a place where water can get in. That also doesn't include saltwater. The rating is really more for splashes of water. Samsung's Galaxy Phones are also rated at IP68.

Check out Tom's Hardware Guide to Water Proof and Water Resistant Phones.

Watch Bruce from Hisperia, CA Comments

Bruce has inherited a bunch of family photos, and he recently scanned nearly 1000 of them on his new Epson FastFoto. They're on his hard drive. So now what? He put many on a Flicker account, but there are limitations. He can't do "nesting," for instance. Leo says that photo printing sites, like Shutterfly, can send a main link and let anyone who has the link order a print. It's free, and you can store an unlimited number of photos. You can also tag them in the EXIF information of the image. That way, they can get any print they want, and you don't have to deal with being the middle man.

Watch Jeffrey from New York City, NY Comments

Jeffrey recently left his work and he got to keep the iPad Pro. But it's locked with Microsoft intune. What can he do? Leo says that you can probably unenroll it. It requires a certificate to support Apple's MDM (mobile device management). So delete the iTunes certificate and then delete the app.  If you can't get into the iPad, try booting into DFU mode. You can do that by googling your iPad model and DFU, and you can get step by step on how to do that. DFU will then restore the iPad to factory defaults. 

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Watch Paul from Colombus, OH Comments

Paul has a 2015 27" 5K iMac and he wants to know if he can use it as a secondary display? Leo says that older iMac has target monitor mode, but they stopped that feature with the 2014 iMac models. So Paul wouldn't be able to do that.

Watch Mike B from Piscataway, NJ Comments

Mike B. wants to know if Cloud Gaming is going to spell doom for console gaming. Leo says that the purist thinks that it will never be quite as good as hardware, but Leo thinks that the latency continues to drop to the point that it will at least probably be the end of PC gaming. Especially considering that Microsoft is working towards Windows in the Cloud. Eventually, we may just have terminals that connect online, much like Chromebooks. And if they can do it with gaming, they'll be able to do it with anything. But the hardcore gamers are going to be dragged kicking and screaming to it.

Watch Scott from Woodby Island, WA Comments

Scott bought an M1 Mac Mini. Loves it. But when his computer wakes up from sleep mode, the video is "snowy." Leo says there's a Reddit discussion that points to this being a known issue. He suggests checking the HDMI cable. Trying another cable could eliminate the easy fix. Leo likes to get his HDMI cables from MonoPrice. But it may be an issue with the M1 mac's GPU. You can turn the monitor on and off. That's a workaround. But Leo thinks it's a handshake issue, and it's something that Apple will need to address in a future update. More details here.