Scott Wilkinson and Other People's Money

Episode 1823 (25:40)


Scott got an email from a listener wanting him to help spend his money for home theater. He wants a soundbar that is "simple, but awesome." If money is no object, then Scott recommends an 83" LG C1. Or the 85" Samsung QN85. The 85" TCL 8545 is $3,000. Or the Vizio P85 PX. Those are in the $3,000-5,000 range. Another option is an ultra-short throw projector. Leo has a HiSense and he loves it. And it comes with a screen. But most don't. The Optima p2, the Epson LS400. Good options.  The larger the space you have, the larger the screen you want. That's where a projector will be an advantage. But they aren't as bright and don't make the most of high dynamic range (HDR). Paint color for the TV projector wall? Scott says, if you can do it, Black is ideal. But that runs very low on the "spousal acceptance factor." So the next best option is a neutral color that is as dark as your spouse will accept. Bias lighting behind the screen can also help make the TV image easier on the eyes, preventing fatigue. 

As for the soundbar, Scott recommends the Vizio Elevate ($1,000). It's the best soundbar out there for the money. Yamaha is another very good one.