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Episode 1823 August 28, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Penny from Seal Beach, CA Comments

Penny keeps getting a popup that is warning them she has a virus and should update McAfee AntiVirus software, which she says she doesn't have. Leo says never click on a link from those popups. Leo says that Penny may have McAfee on her computer as trialware and not know it. So make sure to remove it, if it's there. Use the official McAfee Uninstaller here.  It could be malware since it wants her to click on a link. That's a red flag.  Then, run a scan using the Windows Defender, which is on her computer already. She will also want to double-check that Defender is turned on. Sometimes malware will turn it off. She can also run a scan by using Windows Key + MRT and enter.  It's most likely a browser hijack. Look in the browser settings under extensions and turn off anything unrecognizable.

Watch Paul from Louisville, KY Comments

Paul has two laptops running Linux with the Brave browser installed on both. He's now experiencing a lot of updates every other day. What gives? Leo says it's normal. Browsers are constantly updated because they are the front-line defense against infection. Google has lately updated the chrome browser 13 times this week, for example. So, what Paul is seeing is Brave updating their browser as Google updates Chrome since they're both based on the Chromium architecture. 

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Watch Renee from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Renee wants a good remote access program to help her mom on her computer. Leo says there's a lot of ways to do it including RemotePC, Team Viewer, Log Me In. There's also an open-source solution called VNC. VNC is a little more complicated though. So go with one of the other options. Leo uses RemotePC with his mom. 

She can even use Zoom. 

What's a good internet speed? Leo says at least 25 megabits down. Especially for streaming. 

Watch Lisa from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Lisa hears that her company Wi-Fi is monitored. Leo says that her company has a legal right to monitor her online activity, so it's not private. But if she can use a VPN or is on an encrypted site, they can't see specific data, they can just know she's online. Be sure to be familiar with company policy when using the company's internet network and what potential consequences are. Can they put software on her phone or laptop? Leo says only if they own it. They don't have the legal right to put it on her personal property. 

Watch Tom from Riverside, CA Comments

Tom is concerned about contract tracing through his mobile phone. Leo says that he has no problem with contact tracing, but what Apple and Google use through mobile devices doesn't really work. But they're also not turned on by default, they don't do anything unless a contract tracing app is downloaded and installed. So don't worry. They don't invade privacy.

Watch Jim from Riverside, CA Comments

Jim wants a good but affordable underwater action camera. Leo says that there are plenty out there, including GoPro Hero 9. But they have a super wide-angle lens. Leo likes the Olympus Tough TG6. It's excellent. 4K. F2.0. 8X zoom. A great choice. But the GoPro is more compact.

Watch Brandon from Orange County, CA Comments

Brandon bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Titanium and he's planning to return it. What should he get? Leo says he just got the Watch4 classic and it's running must faster with an upgraded processor.  It'll also run Galaxy wear apps.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Pam from LaHabra, CA Comments

Pam just bought a house in Arizona and the area doesn't have the best internet service. How can she improve the speed? Leo says most have two choices ... the phone company or the cable company.  Anything else is wireless. T-Mobile is offering cellular internet home access, though. It's a bit more expensive, but if her cellular is good in the area, it's an option. WISP is an option. But the newest, hottest option is Elon Musk's Starlink service. But it's not cheap. $99 a month plus $500 for equipment. She will need a clear view of the entire sky for it to work. But she can get around 200 MBit per second. It's pretty good. Leo also recommends getting her own modem and router. Don't use what they provide. They charge for it and it's probably too old anyway. Leo also recommends using Mesh WiFi. That'll give her the best connectivity, especially if she's using security cameras. Leo likes Eero.

Watch Scott from Ventura, CA Comments

Scott wants to know if expensive analog speakers and turntables are worth the money. Leo says that they may or may not. Oftentimes, they look better than they sound. But analog speakers will sound "warmer," which may be ideal if he's got a great vinyl collection. Then again, if he's older, the money he's paying for audio quality may be lost due to hearing loss. Especially if listening with hearing aids. Hearing aids aren't designed for HiFi sound. They're designed for talking. But Leo says that HiFi hearing aids may be coming soon since hearing aids are about to become over the counter.  He can also adjust an amp to play the best within his range of hearing.

Get some good headphones instead.

Watch Naomi from Denver, CO Comments

Naomi is thinking about upgrading to the Google Pixel 4a 5g mobile phone. What she wants to know is, can he just put her existing SIM into it? Leo says if she can wait a month, the Pixel 6 comes out in October. Yes, she can put her SIM into it, but they're doing eSIM stuff now, and that will give her access to the latest features on the network. She can even activate it by QR code. eSims are going to be the wave of the future.