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Episode 1822 August 22, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Jim from Hollywood, CA Comments

Jim's boss wants to create special tasks and send them to him in Outlook. But it won't let him. Leo says that a third-party solution that works with Outlook may be the answer instead of using Outlook itself. Leo likes Any.Do

Watch Dan from Cleveland, OH Comments

Dan is the neighborhood tech guy, and he helps people with their problems. One issue he's been having is with a customer who travels a lot. He's been using an AOL and paid Yahoo email, and now it's time to aggregate them all together under one domain.  Get a custom domain and you'll never have to worry about stuff like this again. Leo recommends After you register the domain name, you can set up email forwarding to a third-party system.  

Here's an article on how to forward emails from AOL to Gmail -

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Anne from Studio City, CA Comments

Anne wants to know why her Chromebook isn't getting updates anymore. And can she keep using it? Leo says that the older your Chromebook is, the more likely Google will stop updating it. But it'll be fine for a while. Chrome is very secure. The issue though will be if your browser is still updated. If your Chromebook is one of the first, and as such, its end of life, then it may be time to get a new one. You can look at Google's website for its Auto Update Expiration date (AUE). Make sure you do a factory reset if you replace it though. Also known as "powerwash."

Watch Anne from Orange County, CA Comments

Sharon can't seem to get her computer to send a fax when she calls the number. Leo says that the fax number being called may be shared with a phone line, so it's expecting to press a number when faxed. As such, the computer doesn't know what to do.

Watch Joey from Knoxville, TN Comments

Joey has a server running OpenNAS. But is FreeNAS a good option? Leo says that FreeNAS has been renamed TrueNAS, but it's essentially the same. Leo would certainly recommend it, and if you have the hardware, go for it. 

Watch Bhil from Stanton, NJ Comments

Bhil keeps getting spam on his Gmail account. It's largely due to a spoofed address. How can he filter it? Leo says that Gmail has some of the best spam filters out there, but no system is perfect. To create a filter, long-press on the email itself, and it'll populate the filter with the sender's email address. Then anything that comes from that email will then be routed to your trash or wherever you want it to go. But remember that if it's a spoofed address, they'll change that address and keep sending them. But at least Gmail's spam filter will get smarter as a result.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Richard from Torrance, CA Comments

Richard's wife is having problems with the iPad intermittently freezing up as she's typing on the screen. It'll be unresponsive for a while and then catch up. But the Genius Bar can't find anything wrong with it. Leo says that intermittent problems are difficult to diagnose. Turn it all the way off. Then power it back on. That will reboot it. 

Freezing up after a long period of time could be a clue to overheating. Or there's an app on it that's got a "memory leak" and won't release the RAM it uses after you stop using it. That's why shutting the iPad down and restarting it fixes the problem. So do a factory reset and don't restore it. Just use a clean boot. If you can't repeat the problem after that, then it's a software issue and you have to determine what app causes the problem. If you can repeat the problem, it's a hardware issue. 

Watch Gary from Cheektowaga, NY Comments

Gary has a computer with a gaming video card to connect multiple monitors. Can he use three 4K monitors or a QuadHD monitor? Leo says it doesn't matter. Modern video cards can display 4k with no problems, even in HDMI. You can also add a monitor through the display port. What is dual-link DVI? Leo says that was something they came up with for the Display port to drive higher resolution monitors.  But HDMI can handle 4K now, so that doesn't matter. 

Can he still use RoboCopy in Windows? Leo says yes. It's available through the command line. Here's how.

Watch Margaret from Newport News, VA Comments

Margaret installed Microsoft Office software on her husband's computer, but now it won't activate. Leo says that Office is now a monthly subscription, so Microsoft could be thinking that Margaret didn't buy a year's subscription when she bought the software. Check your Microsoft account to see. Check to see what the paperwork says about what she should be getting. It's also possible that the store that she bought it from may have given her a "gray market" card, meaning that the store separated the software from computers to sell them separately. As such, Margaret got ripped off. 

Especially since you can get the web-based MS Office for free, or use the open-source options like Libre Office. You don't need to pay for it anymore.