Do I Have to Pay My Domain Registrar to Host My Site?

Episode 1821 (1:23:50)

David from La Mirada, CA

David has a domain for his business, and he wants to change web hosts.  Leo says while he used GoDaddy to register a domain, he doesn't have to pay them to host the site. He can use a new hosting company and then just change the domain forwarding record. WordPress has a good service. So he can cancel the service with GoDaddy and use another company without losing his domain name. He can also use a different company for email. Leo likes FastMail for that.  He could also use Gmail if he wants a free option. That's what Leo would recommend. Then tell GoDaddy he doesn't want to pay for anything else and cancel them. He'll have to alter the domain forwarding for an email to Gmail, but it's very doable. He can also move the domain registrar.