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Episode 1820 August 15, 2021

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Elizabeth from Fullerton, CA Comments

Elizabeth wants to rip her family DVDs and send the video files to family and friends. Leo says to use Handbrake to rip the DVD. Then, you can re-encode the video files to a format that everyone can read. MPEG4 is the best option. After that, you can edit the video files and then send them out. iMovie would work great for the Mac. Then, Leo recommends putting it on a file-sharing site like DropBox and then sending the link out to everyone you want because the files will be pretty large. There's also OneDrive, Google Drive, or iCloud. 

How about scanning photos and sharing them? Leo suggests the Epson FastFoto scanner. It has a sheet feeder, and you can scan a stack of photos at a time, rather than just one. 

Watch Harry from Mississauga, Canada Comments

Harry wants to get a new monitor that will last a long time but won't cost an arm and a leg. Leo suggests going to Dell. They have a lower-end line of monitors for everyday use that doesn't require super accuracy of colors or resolution. They are still very good and very affordable. But remember that a bigger monitor doesn't make text bigger. It'll actually make them appear smaller. So you'll need to change the resolution in Windows 10 to make the size of the text larger by adjusting the monitor resolution. But that also means reducing the amount of real estate you can see. So Leo suggests getting a larger monitor. Dell makes them as large as 49". And you won't need a gaming monitor or even a 4K monitor. So you should get a very affordable new 4K monitor for about $875. You may be able to get them cheaper if they're 1080p.

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Watch Chuck from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Chuck has a 5-year-old iMac, and the hard drive has crashed. He replaced it, and now he's having issues with the second external monitor. Leo says that the cable adapter may have caused issues. So changing the cable may solve the issue. But it could also be a problem with your system preferences.  Look for "smooth LCD fonts where available." There was also a change in BigSur that may be impacting how your fonts are seen. Here's more information on how to disable font smoothing - But check the cable. That's where Leo thinks the problem is.


Watch Steve from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Steve got an old hand-me-down laptop, and he can't log into it with the password. Then he realized that the password was reversed because the monitor was actually "backward." Leo says that some regions in the world read right to the left. What likely happened is that a keyboard shortcut was used (CTRL right shift), which changed the keyboard orientation. It's really easy to do and it makes the text orientation move from right to left.

So, going with CTRL left shift will move it back to "normal" (English/US region). 

Watch Rick from Placerville, CA Comments

Rick wants to know what's the best password vault to use for the money.  Is there really a difference security wise? Leo says that LastPass is the one he has used in the past. But his current favorite is an open-source one called BitWarden (a sponsor of the TWiT network). There's also OnePassword, RoboForm. No matter what you use, let the password manager generate the new password. All you'll need to remember is the password manager master password. This will make all your passwords more secure and less likely to be brute-forced open. You can use the password manager in your browser, but it will only work for that device or, in the case of Apple, that keychain. 

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Charmaine from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Charmaine wants to get a new iPhone to replace her iPhone 6. Should she buy one now? Leo says that the iPhone 13 should be announced in about three weeks. Either September 8th or 4th. Preorders will likely be the Friday after the announcement, for delivery about a week later. But it's unclear what availability will be due to the chip shortage. So if you want to get a new phone now, there's plenty of iPhone 12s to be had, and you'll be very happy with the results. The iPhone 13 won't be that big of an update. Leo's suggestion is to wait until the new iPhone gets announced because it's likely the price of the iPhone 12 will drop. If you're an Android fan, the Google Pixel 6 is coming. But there's also the Samsung S21 will have a great zoom as well. 

Apple also traditionally ships a less expensive iPhone. It'll be a very good and affordable option: about half the price.

Watch Cindy from Hahira, GA Comments

Cindy thinks her computer has been hacked by someone she knows. She sees the mouse move around on its own. Leo says if you've given someone physical access to your computer, then it's time to start over by backing up the data, then reformatting your hard drive. Then you can reinstall the operating system and start over. Leo also recommends resetting your phone if they had access to that as well. 

Watch Jim from Windsor, CO Comments

Jim installed Linux on an old Netbook. But when he installed the latest version of Ubuntu, it's gotten really slow. Is there a better option? Leo says yes. Try a lightweight version like Xubuntu or Puppy Linux. There's also Damn Small Linux. That's the most lightweight of them all. They are designed for lower and slower machines like a netbook. Go to for other options. You can try several by putting them on a USB thumb drive and booting to that. See how well they work before you install them.