How Can I Get An Accurate Voice Transcription?

Episode 1818 (17:40)

George from Graz, Austria
Google Recorder

George calls from overseas to ask if there is a better way to transcribe his mother's voice. He uses a Google Skill on the phone to do it, but it doesn't do an excellent job with his mother's Austrian accent. Leo says that Otter.AI is a great site for getting transcriptions of prerecorded audio. But if you want to use a Google Skill, you can either build your own skill or rely on the skills that have been built. Google also has its own Recorder site that is excellent. Google Keep's Take a Note is another option. You can try that with a Google Assistant. It'll then save it to Your Google Home Assistant's Note Pad.

You can also try If This, Then That to create a homebrew recipe that can do something similar.