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Episode 1817 August 7, 2021

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Charles from Virginia Beach, VA Comments

Charles has an old Hi8 video and a Sony camera that is connected to FireWire (i.Link). He wants to get the data off it. Leo says the problem is that computers don't support FireWire anymore natively. So Charles would need to get a USB3 to i.Link adapter cable. iLink to USB2 would probably be too slow. Using a Mac Mini with a thunderbolt to i.Link cable would be even better since thunderbolt and FireWire are very similar. Then, all Charles needs is to playback the video and record using iMovie and he's golden. More details here - and

Watch Ron from Kansas City, MO Comments

Ron is having issues with TMobile and he's thinking of moving to Google Fi. But he uses an iPhone. Leo says that Google Fi works with the latest iPhone, but it'll still be T-Mobile service or WiFi. And it may even be worse as Google Fi service is an MVNO and T-Mobile will likely prioritize their own customers over MVNO service customers. But Leo uses both services and he doesn't really notice it. For Verizon, try Vizbl.

What's eARC? Scott says that eARC stands for the enhanced audio return channel, and it just has a few bells and whistles. Nothing you can't really live without. Can I play the audio through the Apple HomePod? Leo says only if you use the latest AppleTV 4K, which supports ARC. 

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Watch David from Hollywood, CA Comments

David is a radio junkie. He loves to stream audio on MetroPCS and he gets a lot of buffering. So he went to Verizon and he has the same problem. Leo says that it may just be the area that David lives in. It could be a congestion issue. But it could also be that since MetroPCS is a second-tier provider to T-Mobile, it's not getting the same service priority for bandwidth. What it may be, is the SIM card. With the new 5G towers, the SIM card may not be giving him the 5G access. So go to the MetroPCS store and get a new, upgraded SIM. Another possibility is that the nearest tower to David may have gone down for maintenance or they were decommissioned. T-Mobile is closing down many of the old Sprint LTE towers, and that may be part of it. David may want to try a different carrier like AT&T. And check out the FCC coverage map for the area -

Watch Micah from Maine Comments

Micah is about to move out of Maine and wants to be able to move his email to a reliable provider. Leo says that email is too important to rely on free email. Leo recommends paying for the service. He uses FastMail. The cost is about $230 for three years (or $80 a year). Leo also recommends getting his own domain name for it. That way, if he changes providers, it doesn't impact his email. He can use Hover to register the domain.

Watch Francis from Invernes, FL Comments

Francis is getting an error that his graphics hardware is unsupported for the Sketchup program he uses. Leo says that almost all computers have onboard graphics on the motherboard unless users install their own separate graphics card. But even then, it should still let him use the program. It could be looking for a Discreet graphics driver. Or it could be that Francis's computer is too old for the program now. He could also try going into the settings and turning off graphics support. Sketchup requires a 3D Open GL graphics card with 8GB of RAM. Run the Sketchup Checkup here, to see if the computer has the right graphics card. If he can't use Sketchup pro, the free web version may be enough.

Watch Tom from Riverside, CA Comments

Tom is worried about Apple invading his privacy with their new monitoring scheme. Sure, it's for the kids, but is it a slippery slope? Leo says it's important to really understand what Apple will be doing. The software won't be looking at photos, but at the digital "fingerprints" of each photo, and then comparing it to a database of known exploited child images. So, his privacy should still be protected. But he can always opt out of iCloud if it concerns him. But if he uses Facebook or Google Photos, they're doing it too.

Check out for more information.

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Watch Jose from Modesto, CA Comments

Jorge has a 4K SmartTV, but when he streams YouTube on it, it's not in 4K. What gives? Leo says to make sure the YouTube app on the TV is capable of streaming in 4K. It's likely the app isn't 4K capable. What Leo recommends is to use the Roku 4K streaming device. Let it do the streaming. That way, the 4K processing will be handled by the Roku device. Also, YouTube TV charges $20 more a month for 4K streaming. So if he doesn't have that subscription, he won't be streaming in 4K. 

Watch Richard from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Comments

Richard's 94-year-old dad is losing his vision, and he's lost the ability to remote access his dad's Mac. He's going to be there at Thanksgiving and wants to install a screen reader so he can read the Wall Street Journal online. JAWS is a good option, now that it's more affordable. But he'll have to learn how to use it, and that could be problematic in the long run. Leo says he has a much better idea. The Wall Street Journal offers an audiobook version of the WSJ. It's not the whole thing, but it's curated for the most important stories, briefings, and even podcasts. They're all free online. There's also an App called AudM, that has a variety of magazines he can listen to.