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Episode 1815 July 31, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Adam from Burbank, CA Comments

Adam is getting notifications on his Android phone, from Google, asking for his birthdate. Leo says that Google will ask for his birthdate when he signs up for an account, to set age-appropriate settings! But it shouldn't keep asking for it. He doesn't have to give them the accurate birth date. Just make sure it's over 13 years ago. 

Watch Laura from Goldendale, WA Comments

Laura has a 17x20 living room with a 10-year-old TV that she wants to replace. What size should she get? She's looking at the Samsung QLED QN65Q. Will her speakers be plug-in-play to support them? Leo says yes. Whatever sources they have in the receiver will be supported. She just wants to be sure to plug the HDMI cable into the port that says "ARC." That's the Audio Return Channel, and it'll keep the audio in sync. If the TV doesn't support ARC, then she needs to opt for the optical connection, and some TVs are dropping that. If that's the case, she may need a new AVR. 

But if she doesn't, then the TV will be 4K though, and depending on how old the AV receiver is, it may not support the 4k video signal. But that's really only for peripherals like a DVD player, and they don't support 4K anyway. What about cable or satellite boxes? Leo says that isn't 4K either. So she should be fine, simply swap the TVs out!

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Watch Dave from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Dave has an older 1st generation Kindle that won't work anymore on cellular. What gives? Leo says that it isn't Amazon's fault, actually. Phone companies are shutting down the old 3G towers now, to make room for 5G. As such, any Kindle made before 2017 will not work on the cellular network. But it does still support WiFi. So look in the settings for your WiFi and connect up. If it doesn't, he may be out of luck. But he can connect it via USB and copy all books onto it from a computer. It's clunky, but it will work.  Also, Amazon is offering up to $75 towards a new Kindle, plus up to $25 in eBook credits. So it's time to upgrade!

Watch Pat from Laguna Hills, CA Comments

Pat's Chromebook is old and it's time for her to get a new one. Leo says it will still work, but it won't be updated. However, eventually, it'll stop connecting. It should stay in the specs, but Google says that new Chromebooks will get 6 1/2 years of support. Go to Google's AutoUpdate page here to find out how long before upgrading is needed.

And then, it comes down to how much she wants to spend. Right now, the Acer Spin is the best Chromebook out there, but Pat has a Samsung now, so she could stay within the family. 

Watch Stan from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Stan has an email account with, but now he can't log into it. Leo says that Verizon bought Yahoo and then recently sold it, and since then, people have been having trouble logging into their accounts. It may also be that since Stan's account is a very old account, and he has since canceled the phone service, it may be that the company simply turned it off. Or turned the servers off. Verizon has retired its email service as well. Either way, this is becoming a common problem. Check out this Verizon tech note for more information on it. 

What a mess.

One thing to try ... go to and log in with Verizon credentials. It is supposed to work. If it does, download everything and save it. Then get a new email address. But there really isn't any guarantee this won't happen again. Pay for email. Leo likes FastMail and it's very affordable. ProtonMail is another. 

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Frank from San Diego, CA Comments

Frank's laptop screen has color streaks that go away over time. Leo says that's likely an indication of a failing ribbon cable. But it may also be a cold solder that has to warm up before there's a solid connection. It's probably on the motherboard, where the video card is. One way to test is to power down, and let it cool down. Then hold down the D key before powering up.  If he can see the streaks again, then it's definitely a hardware issue. Fortunately, if it's the ribbon cable, it's a cheap fix. If it's too expensive to fix and he can't buy a new laptop, he can always connect a monitor to the laptop, along with a keyboard and mouse, and use it as a desktop.

Watch Katie from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Katie called last week about resetting her Apple password because Apple requires proof of ID. She went into the Apple Store as Leo suggested and she couldn't get them to help because they had no idea to solve the problem. She now has to wait eight days for corporate to contact her. Leo suggests giving up on the account, and just start up a new Apple ID. Sign out and start all over again from scratch. Another thing to try is 1-800-MyApple and keep trying until getting a solid tech rep that will be willing to go the extra mile.

This is why it's always a good idea to buy a refurbished phone from Apple directly.

Watch Don from Aurora, CO Comments

Don is blind and wants to know if he can run iDrive from the keyboard. The accessibility isn't all that great. Leo says that the best outcome is to talk to iDrive about it, and Leo can help. Send him an email at

Watch David from West Hills, CA Comments

David is into astral photography and he's learning photoshop at the same time. When he processes an image, he checks it on a secondary computer and the look is inconsistent. How can he get them all to show the same image? Should he get a new PC? Leo says that it's a challenge, even for professional photographers because every monitor is different.   Having a monitor that is capable of reproducing the largest gamut of colors can help. He can get a color calibrator, called a Spyder, and that could help. And it's done fairly inexpensively. But since Apple has started color calibrating TVs with the AppleTV and the iPhone, it won't be long before we'll be able to do the same thing with a mobile phone. Check out this website on how to calibrate a monitor.

But the fact is, Print is reflective, while monitors are emissive. That means that one can have a monitor perfectly calibrated, and it will look completely different from a print.