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Episode 1814 July 25, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Jack from Stone Mountain, GA Comments

Jack wants to know if 1000 lumens of the Epson projectors is enough if you can darken the room. Leo says yes. It's very bright. Will it handle 220 from the Phillipines? Leo says you may need an adapter, but it should be good up to 220 volts.

Watch Rudy from Montreal, Quebec, CAN Comments

Rudy wants to know how secure public apartment wifi is if everyone is using the same password? Leo says it's not secure at all. What it means though, is that anyone who knows the password can use the wifi. But it also means that if someone is malicious, they can use hacking tools to gain access to other people's computers and data. That's why Leo says that a VPN is a must for a situation like this. Or at least only surfing to HTTPS websites only, so the traffic is encrypted. Another option is to use a travel router. It's designed to join a public network and provides a barrier like a VPN. In fact, many offer VPNs as well. Leo likes the TinyHardwareFirewall

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Samuel from Wausau, WI Comments

Sam wants to know if you can bond multiple modems to create faster broadband. Leo says that's called "modem bonding" and usually requires multiple internet connections to make it work. There are also special routers that do the same thing: Zeisel makes them.

Watch Steven from Tustin, CA Comments

Steven is suddenly getting a warning on his TV that his Roku Stick is getting too warm and could shut down. He unplugged it and cooled it down, and has now added an extender to keep its distance. Leo says that he stopped using the Roku stick because they tend to overheat and crash. It's the same with the FireTV Stick and others. They overheat normally, and that's not good for electronics. Using an extender is a good idea, but Leo prefers using the stand-alone Roku Ultra 4K box.  If you like a stick though, the Google Chromecast is the way to go. Google doesn't seem to have the same overheating issues. What if he just uses the smartTV to stream instead? Leo isn't a fan of the smartTV streaming features. They never get updated, and the TV companies monitor your use and sell that data. Better to just use a stand-alone box like Roku.

Watch Katie from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Katie bought an iPhone from Amazon, and it keeps asking her for an old credit card number for her Apple ID. She was able to activate it and make calls, but she can't really do anything else. Leo says you should be able to change or add a payment method with that existing Apple ID. Just click on your name and then the payment information. If you can't do that, then you can try 1-800-MyApple or to reset your password. Leo also suggests making an appointment with the Apple Store and taking to a Genius about resetting your Apple password. They have the ability. 

Outside of that, Leo says that Katie can just create a new Apple ID to move forward if there isn't anything attached to her old Apple ID.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Duke from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Terry wants to know if SpinRite will work to solve his USB drive issues. Leo says it could, with some limitations on USB drives. But since USB drives are so cheap, Leo doesn't recommend spending the money for SpinRite. It's expensive at $90. You can buy 20 drives for that. Leo throws them out when they fail. And those thumb drives use a cheap form of solid-state memory, and when it fails, it FAILS. 

Watch Amanda from Petaluma, CA Comments

Tamara has to use Outlook for her work email on her mac and it's just terrible. She can use MacMail. Leo says that email clients are a dime a dozen and you can just about any of them. Leo also says that Microsoft is working on a new Mac version of Outlook, that's supposed to be out soon. Read about it here. Until then, how can she make Outlook look better? Leo says you can always use, a web-based version. There's also a web-based version of Microsoft Office at that can work. Leo also uses MailMate on his Mac: he loves it.

Watch Alex from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Alex uses the Blackmagic HDMI to Thunderbolt recorders, but he doesn't have enough ports on his computer to connect them. Leo says you need a powered hub or dock which will give you enough ports. Pluggable makes a good one, but Anker's new Thunderbolt dock is really good. Highly recommend. Caldigit even makes a better one.

Watch Tara from Bainbridge Island, WA Comments

Tara has updated her printer firmware after ignoring the updates for a while. Now it's totally inoperable. What can she do? Leo says that a firmware update will rewrite the software on the physical chips of the printer. So you'd have to reboot those chips to roll it back. That's a challenge. Sometimes, if you plug in your printer to the computer, you can reset it through the Epson software. But a call to Epson support is probably in order at this point. 

Watch Richard from West LA, CA Comments

Richard opened a Facebook video link from an email on his phone and he was able to open it. But when he went to his desktop, it requires Facebook. What gives? Leo says that Facebook is doing that on purpose to prevent you from downloading it without logging in. It's a cheesy way to get you to join and is called "growth hacking."  If you can save the video to the phone, then you can send it to yourself. That's worth a try.