How Do I Connect My Epson FastFoto Scanner to WiFi?

Episode 1813 (1:31:31)

Paul from Columbus, OH

Paul got an Epson FastFoto scanner as a gift, and now he can scan all the images that he has in photo albums. But when he connects it, it wants a WPS security connection. Leo says while WPS is terrible, it was the way to connect at the time, with a simple touch of a button. But nowadays, Leo wouldn't use it, and there are other ways to configure WiFi through the Epson software. Users may have to connect the printer via USB to their PC just to configure it with the WiFi password. After that, they can disconnect the USB cable. Download the manual here. What photo can he use to organize his scans? Leo says Picasa used to be the best option, but Google killed it. Irfanview is a good alternative. As is ACDSee.