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Watch Janice from California Comments

Janice wants to get a new TV to replace an old 32" HD TV. Leo says that TCL makes a great 65" 4K TV for under $1,000. But Janice will also need to get a soundbar. Vizio makes a great soundbar for the money. So work that into the budget as well. What if money is no object? Leo says that OLED is really the way to go. LG and Sony make the best OLEDs. But they are expensive. What she will really want is an LED LCD TV with full-array local dimming (FALD). That'll give the best color and resolution. And since they are aggressive to get into the market, the TCL Series 6 is the way to go. 55" will be ideal for Janice at $948. If you get the White Glove service, they will ship it and set it up. Other good options are HiSense and Vizio.

Leo also says to avoid mounting above eye level. Don't mount it on a fireplace for instance. 

Watch Jerry from Hatfield, PA Comments

Jerry listens to podcasts on his cellphone, and sometimes they stop working. Leo says that RSS feeds are what makes a podcast distributable. And sometimes, they change. That's why Leo recommends subscribing or following podcasts through a favorite podcast player. Like iTunes. Then, when there is a change in the RSS feed, it'll be automatically adjusted in the app itself. Manually following a podcast is really not practical anymore. 

Watch Mark from Palm Springs, CA Comments

Mark has a video on youtube about what pollutes more ... electric vehicles or gas?  He wants to make it available for anyone to distribute, re-edit, etc. Is that open source? Leo says no. It's actually "Creative Commons." That's the phrase he's looking for. Legally, copyright exists once one publishes their work. But what people can do with it can be anywhere from Public Domain to Strictly copyrighted. And Creative Commons can help Mark create the proper creative commons copyright for people to do what they want with it.

Here's the video -

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Watch Jerry from Santa Rosa, CA Comments

Jerry has had an issue with his modem, and he finally got Comcast out to investigate it. They found that all the wiring was so old, it was fouling up the signal. They then replaced all the bad wiring and connectors. Everything works great now. Leo says that's a happy ending.

Watch Rich from Tuscon, AZ Comments

Rich has two domains registered at Hover. One personal and one business. He then uses it with Gmail and his Apple Mail client. But recently, several emails have been lost in transit. Some are personal, some are business. Leo says that there are "black holes" in the system, due to spam filtering. It's possible that is what is happening between Gmail and Hover. If the carrier judges that the sending IP address may be a spammer, then the email will simply vanish. Or it could be intercepted by the spam filters. Gmail is very aggressive about fraudulent emails. So it may have judged that any emails going through Hover may be false or spammed. So he'll want to check that out. He can avoid Hover email altogether by simply making the forward through the MX record. 

From Retcon5 in the chatroom: Check out It'll look to see if your MX record is properly set up. 

Watch Steve from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Steve wants to use TV screens to create a large screen photo gallery in his home. Leo says he could use a Chromecast or Apple TV for each TV screen and stream photos from Google Photos. He would also want to join all screens together for one big picture. Leo says that could be a bigger challenge because each TV has to join with the other. A Raspberry Pi could perhaps do it, but you'd have to write custom code to be able to create a Video Wall Mosaic. There are video wall controllers out there. They aren't hugely expensive either. About $200-300 or more. They are programmable too. Samsung makes one. 

There's also an app called Screenly. There's also ProPresenter.

Here's another idea ....

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Watch Tim from Wallens, TN Comments

Tim upgraded his Windows 10 OS, but now he's lost access to the administrator account. It won't let him update anything. Leo says it sounds like Windows broke UAC (user account control), which gives that option. Look in there and see if it's been turned off.  He can also check to see if the user name has administrator permissions. Outside of that, Tim needs to look at all the accounts and see which one is set up as an admin, and figure out the password. Tim may also be able to find a Windows 10 password cracking app. Or, he could see if he set up his Windows machine with a Microsoft account to log in.  There is a process for recovering it. 

Watch Mark from Oxnard, CA Comments

Mark has a smart TV and streaming with Amazon Prime is really dark. Leo says that the apps in smart TVs never get updated and are not very good. So using a third-party streaming box is always going to be best. But Mark is having issues with his new 4K Firestick as well. 

Apparently, this issue has happened before, and may pertain to HDR. It sounds like a decoding issue, that will require him to change some settings in your Amazon account. There are three different HDR formats, and it sounds like the TV is having issues with which HDR it should be using. The content may also be sent in Dolby Vision, and Mark's Samsung TV may want HDR10. Here's another discussion - It suggests going into the TV and turning off adaptive brightness. But it's most certainly a decoding issue with Dolby Vision. The TV isn't decoding the HDR properly. 

Leo had a similar problem, and he had to turn his TV on/off in order to properly turn on DolbyVision. 

Watch Robert from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Robert recently bought a new Mac and created a second Apple ID. How can he merge his two Apple IDs together? Leo says he can't. Apple won't allow it. But that's OK, all he needs to do is log out of the new Apple ID, and log into the old one. Just use it for everything.