How Can I Make Room on My Hard Drive?

Episode 1810 (1:08:10)

Jack from Huntington Beach, CA

Jack's computer hard drive is only 256GB and it's full. Leo suggests moving the data to a secondary drive and using the main drive for just the operating system and the programs. He can then tell Windows in the hard drive settings where the data files should be written to. Check out the program WinDerStat. It'll give a color-coded chart on what is taking up room on the hard drive. What about user accounts? Leo says that Windows doesn't like it when the user directory is in a different drive. So he will just want to store the data itself. He can move the data folders, like music and photos, etc. that are in the user folders to the D drive. But not the user folder itself. Then he can go into settings and tell Windows where to store the data moving forward.