Sam Abuelsamid and the Optional Upgrade

Episode 1809 (25:14)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo fresh from his trip to Austin, Tx., his first trip in 18 months. But he can't talk about that this week (the Ford E-Bronco), so we're talking about the Luminar LIDAR Sensor, which will be coming to new Volvo cars in the future. The interesting trend is to put new technology in cars and then offer to unlock that technology for an extra fee down the proverbial road.  So users will have the option to activate the LIDAR sensor and use it for more accurate scanning for the traffic ahead. 

Sam also says that manufacturers who push "autonomous driving" still expect drivers to take responsibility in the event of an accident. Sam says if they are pushing self-driving cars, they should take responsibility in the event of a crash. So don't pay for it if you are the one taking the risk.