How Can I Use My MacBook Air With Two Monitors?

Episode 1809 (59:42)

Chris from Gilroy, CA
MacBook Air

Chris recently picked up an M1 MacBook Air. He did a data migration, and it crashed and never recovered. So he took it back to the Apple Store, and they fixed it. But what he wants to know is if he can now add a second monitor and how. Leo says that there's a single port on the MacBook Air, and you need an HDMI to USBC dongle to connect the monitor to the system. Leo got a Thunderbolt 3 dock from Anker, which is $250. So that's not cheap. Pluggable makes an inexpensive dongle that relies on a MAC DisplayLink driver that could do it, but not in "clamshell mode."  Apple says it will fix this problem without any tricks or special equipment, and it will be fixed in macOS 11.2 Big Sur. But we're on version 11.5 now. So clearly that deadline was missed. But he hears that it's currently being beta tested, so it's not far off. 

Meanwhile, here's a workaround.

But getting a dock is the best way to solve it, as far as Leo is concerned.

Chris also wants to know if it's worth it to upgrade his Netgear Orbi to WiFi 6. Leo says he did it and it was only marginally faster. So Leo advises waiting until the next standard, which is WiFi 6e. That'll have a far faster performance boost.

Pluggable has a workaround using their dock. Check out the video here.