Should I Buy the New M1 Mac Mini?

Episode 1808

John from St. George, Utah
M1 Mac Mini

John thinks he could upgrade his 10-year-old MacBook Pro to make it faster. Leo says those older ones were great because users could upgrade the RAM and hard drives. Nowadays, they're soldered in. But even though he can upgrade it, he won't be able to run the latest OS on it. Is the M1 Mac Mini a good deal at $599? Leo says yes. It's a great machine. He can use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard when starting up, but it works best with an Apple brand. Leo says that he will be very happy with the M1. It's massively faster and at $600, it's a good deal. What about 16GB of RAM? Leo says 8GB is fine. Will it only run software written for it? Leo says that almost all software developers who are Mac-focused have upgraded, but Rosetta 2 is built-in and it handles everything else quite nicely.