Scott Wilkinson and the Biased Light

Episode 1808 (22:33)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott answers a question from a listener today who bought an LG Nano 91 TV, and wants to know about biased lighting. Scott says that biased lighting is good in a dark room because it eases the strain your eyes experience when watching a TV in the dark. The lighting gets placed behind the TV and is only needed when you watch TV in a darkened room.  It's not needed if your TV is in a bright, ambient room. But it's recommended in the dark, as the TV puts out a bright light that can tire your eyes. Most lights are available in a light or LED strip that plugs into the USB port of your TV and casts a gentle flow behind the TV.

But a badly designed biased light can make your image look worse. Most lights that change color with the screen color can cause viewer perception to negatively change. So Scott recommends a biased light that is neutrally shaded with D65 or 6500K temperature. Check out Scott recommends the LX1 Bias Light. It's under $30. 

You can also paint your wall with D65 Gray wall paint to help.