The Giz Wiz and his Newest Fans

Episode 1808 (2:11:20)


Dick recently found "neck fans" on Amazon that can keep him cool while he's working in the garden over the summer. They're sometimes called 'bladeless fans' because you don't see any moving part; everything is built into the case and they fit around the next. The Jisulife Neckfanworn has a 4000 mAh rechargeable battery. There's also the Figrol, which has a 2400 mAh rechargeable battery and charges via USB-C. Both have 3 speeds and should do a fairly decent job of keeping you cool. In the video, you'll see the Figrol and the now gone from Amazon Minluk - which looks exactly the new Jizulife. They retail from about $26  to $39.99 each. The price and availability is rapidly changing because the heatwave across the country is sending people buying them!

Giz Wiz Video:  

Amazon: JISULIFE Neck Fan w/ 4000 mAh Battery.

Amazon: Figrol - Affiliate links. 


GizWiz link here.