Is Apple's Spatial Audio the Future of Music?

Episode 1808 (36:40)

Joey from San Diego, CA

Joey is a huge music fan and he thinks that Apple's new lossless high res audio is awesome. Leo says that 99% of the audience won't really be able to tell the difference, frankly. But those who can are enjoying it. Spatial Audio is Apple's version of surround sound, and it's been around for decades, steadily getting better and better. But it's never really taken off. The spatial component, however, really opens up the sound quality, to be sure, but users need to have an Apple device that supports it, though Apple claims it'll work with any headphones. And if he wants to listen through speakers, he has to have Dolby Atmos decoding built-in. Expect to spend around $400 in upgrades to enjoy it, though. But since Apple is offering it for free, it could be what makes the difference moving forward.