What's a Good Laptop for College?

Episode 1806 (1:53:30)

Vince from Paris, CA

Vince wants to get his daughter a laptop for college. He'd like to keep it under $400. Leo says a lot of it depends on what his daughter is going to study. Leo likes a Macbook Air, but it's between $900-1100. But he can get college pricing. Still, it's a solid student computer. There is a good Chromebook - the Acer Spin. But chances are, she's going to want something more capable. Also, take a look at the windows version ... the Acer Aspire. Costco though has the Acer Swift for a good price. $600. Keep in mind though, when the price drops below $500, they cut corners in terms of durability. Quality of parts, etc. He will want one that will last her all four years. The MacBook Air will do that.