What's the Latest in VR?

Episode 1804 (1:05:35)

Andrew from Ventura, CA
Quest 2

Andrew bought an HTC Vive virtual reality device and he says it's a blast to play games with it. But it's a few years old now and wants to know what's the new hot device for VR? Leo says that Facebook pretty much owns the VR space now with the Oculus Quest 2. But he will have to log into a Facebook account to use it, which Leo doesn't like. And if he uses a dummy account, they can cancel his Quest account and make the device useless. Outside of that, development in VR has really slowed down.

Leo also thinks the future is augmented reality, not virtual reality. It'll superimpose data over the real world, and Microsoft's HoloLens is leading the charge there. But Apple is quietly working on its own device. VR needs better video resolution and higher frame rates. And do it affordably.