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Episode 1804 June 14, 2021

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Tom from Largo, FL Comments

Tom isn't thrilled with the new iMacs, and Leo recommended he pick up a Mac Mini and get a dock and monitor for it. So he did, and now he wants to move his data from his old mac to his Mac Mini. But the Thunderbolt drives are too expensive. Can he use USB 3 drives? Leo says absolutely. He can also clone the drive and make it bootable. Leo recommends Carbon Copy Cloner since SuperDuper doesn't offer a bootable option now, due to security features in the most recent macOS Big Sur. He can also still use an older version of SuperDuper.

Watch Ed from Levintown, PA Comments

Ed is having problems where the volume in his Vizio soundbar changes audio as he changes the channel. Leo says it sounds like the IR from the Verizon FIOS box is merging the two commands and passing a volume command to the soundbar. There are only so many IR codes, so it's possible the confusion is causing it. 

From the chatroom - Here's a technote from Tom's Guide that says this is a known issue with the Verizon set-top box. He will need an update from Verizon to fix it. Until then, there is a workaround. Change to stereo from surround. From the chatroom, it seems this is a known issue.  Verizon apparently has an update you can get from them. There is also a workaround by changing the audio settings from surround, to stereo.

Langdon called in from hour 2 and says to change the volume control settings from Variable to Fixed, and enable volume lock. Scooter X found a technote that says that Vizio has a fix.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Andrew from Ventura, CA Comments

Andrew bought an HTC Vive virtual reality device and he says it's a blast to play games with it. But it's a few years old now and wants to know what's the new hot device for VR? Leo says that Facebook pretty much owns the VR space now with the Oculus Quest 2. But he will have to log into a Facebook account to use it, which Leo doesn't like. And if he uses a dummy account, they can cancel his Quest account and make the device useless. Outside of that, development in VR has really slowed down.

Leo also thinks the future is augmented reality, not virtual reality. It'll superimpose data over the real world, and Microsoft's HoloLens is leading the charge there. But Apple is quietly working on its own device. VR needs better video resolution and higher frame rates. And do it affordably.

Watch Phillipe from Camarillo,CA Comments

Phillipe has an old Samsung Plasma 3D TV that needs repairing. Leo says that TVs are really rather disposable now. So it could be hard to find someone to repair it, and if he can, it may be more expensive than buying a new an OLED. Parts are also an issue. But there maybe someone out there who can fix it. 

Watch Jody from LA, CA Comments

Jody has a Mac and a Samsung Galaxy Android Phone. He used to be able to sync the calendar on both with no problem. But lately, he's been having issues with the built-in Mac calendar and the Android Calendar program. Leo says it's possible that Jody's Calendar hasn't been syncing to iCloud, which is what Apple does before syncing to other devices. Apple may have logged him out before an update. Also, make sure it's not requiring 2-factor authentication now. Look into the iCloud settings and make sure that the Calendar is syncing. 

Then, look into the Android device and see where it's getting the data. Leo also recommends moving over to Google Calendar. It will be much more seamless with cross-platform connections. 

Watch Langdon from Mizzoula, MT Comments

Langdon says to change the volume control settings from Variable to Fixed, and enable volume lock.

Watch Jan from Riverside, CA Comments

Jan and her husband bought an RV and want to know how to get online while traveling. Leo says there are three ways. 1) There will probably be Wi-Fi at any campground or RV park she can stop at. But it will likely be overloaded and slow. 2) She can hotspot from the cellular carrier. She can open up a phone for it or pick up a MiFi card to handle multiple devices. It'll be dependent on the coverage map though. Lastly, she can get an RV satellite connection. The problem there is they have to re-aim it every time they stop, and they will not work while they drive. The latency will also be a challenge and she won't have a lot of bandwidth. However, Elon Musk's Starlink company has the potential to offer very low latency satellite wifi and the dish automatically follows the satellites as she moves. But it's not cheap....$500 for the gear and $99 a month.

So those are the options.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3
Watch Jan from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Jan is trying to fire up an old HP laptop and it's asking for a Windows login password. She doesn't know it. It's Windows 8. Leo says that there are some cracks that can hack a Windows 8 login. But she needs to be careful that she isn't making the problem worse with malware. If she doesn't need the data, the easiest would be to wipe the laptop and reinstall Windows. Then, if she has a backup, she can just restore it.

From the chatroom - Here's a how to on resetting a Windows 8 password using a hidden administrator account. Here's another option for recovering the password. There's also a utility from the Ultimate Boot CD. Try that.

Watch Spencer from Chino, CA Comments

Spencer has an old iPhone and wants to get the data off it. But it won't start up. He also wants to make sure she has her own separate Apple ID but has access to his 50GB iCloud backup. Leo says to add her to the family plan. That will give her access. She can also get the Apple 1 plan to have access to everything.  Leo says to check her iCloud account to see if the phone has been backed up. If so, she's golden. If not, she can take it to a local phone repair place and see if they can get the data off. Apple may even be able to do that.

Watch Bobby from San Diego, CA Comments

Bobby's homework assignments have gone missing from Google Docs. It's a school account using Canvas. Leo says to talk to the IT guy at the school.  He did that and the school said to "call Google." But Google doesn't have that kind of support. What would be more helpful is to contact the developer of Canvas. 

Scooter X in the chatroom says this may be a known issue. Here are three links that talk about it: here, here and here. Leo wonders if Canvas is clobbering the data and deleting them automatically. Check in the settings.  There's also the Google Assignments help page.

Leo also says that Bobby should save a PDF copy first, before submitting it. Or even print it. He can also save a backup to an external drive. Then submit it.