Should I Buy a New PC for a Flight Sim?

Episode 1801 (1:49:10)

Larry from San Diego, CA

Larry is a pilot and flight instructor, and he bought X-Plane flight simulator for his computer. But it takes a long time to load and run. Leo says that X-Plane was created to run on computers that couldn't handle Microsoft's seminal Flight Simulator. Leo says the load time is due to all the textures. He could speed things up by putting an SSD into the computer. But if ready to get a new rig, then a gaming computer is the way to go. Could he get a server and have multiple terminals? Leo says that today's modern computing really is designed around one computer per desktop thinking. He really doesn't want to have more than one student sharing a computer for something like a Flight Sim. He could, however, do it where one terminal takes over control of the computer with a KVM switch.