Sam Abuelsamid ... Longer and Wider

Episode 1801 (22:30)


Sam joins Leo to talk about cars. This weekend is the Indy 500 and Leo says it's a lot different from Formula 1, which he thinks is more exciting, especially when you go to Monaco. Sam says that in the last 25 years, the technology transfer from racing to consumer-driven cars has been greatly diminished due to regulations. But there are still some advancements that influence car design, even if it's not noticeable.

Meanwhile, in other car news, Sam wants to talk about EV Trucks and towing. Can new trucks handle towing large loads like trailers? Sam says that they have plenty of torque to do so, but the problem is range. The energy required to tow a trailer can cut your range in half or more due to weight and drag considerations. Even with gas-powered cars. Consider Ford, however, who has modeled their range specifications on pulling a thousand-pound load. Trailers are much more than that, mind you, but the consideration is still there, and EV drivers should expect to stop about every 100 miles or so to recharge.