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Episode 1801 May 30, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Evan from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Evan recently bought a 1TB iPad Pro with 16GB of RAM. But now, he's having some buyer's remorse. Leo understands, considering it doesn't come with a keyboard, and if he bought the new M1 Macbook Air, he'd get a keyboard and spend $1,000 less. A MacBook Pro can as well. The real problem is that iOS isn't taking advantage of all that high performance, making Leo wonder if Apple is up to something in the future. But at the end of the day, it comes down to whether you prefer macOS or iOS. And in a week, Apple will probably announce a new high-end MacBook Pro. So the best move may be to return the iPad Pro and keep the powder dry until he can know what's coming. 

Watch Diane from Chicago, IL Comments

Diane would like to transfer all her Google photos up to another Google account. Leo says that now is the time to do it because Google is about to eliminate unlimited photo storage in favor of a 15GB limit. There is a third-party service called Cloud Transfer or MultCloud that can do it. But Google has TakeOut, which would allow her to download all of them and then upload all of them. Or, she could share the library to the new account and then copy or download them. That would avoid having to reupload. 

From the chatroom - Cloudsfer, can transfer photos and data from one cloud service to another. And it has a free trial. That sounds like the way to do it.

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Watch Tom from New Hampshire Comments

Tom recently picked up a new Apple TV. It's his third one. And since it supports Hi-res music, Tom wants to know how it will sound? Leo says that with good speakers or headphones, users with "golden ears" will definitely be able to tell the difference. The music also has to be mixed that way. And even then, those who listen to mp3s and don't really care may not. It all comes down to how he can listen to music. Hint - none of the AirPods will be able to. 

Watch Kevin from Ontario, CA Comments

Kevin just bought an Apple Watch. Should he have waited until after next week's event? Leo says no, Kevin is safe. The next Apple Watch won't be out until the fall. 

Kevin also works for cruise lines as a comedy performer and he travels a lot.  He wants to know what's the best tablet for watching movies. Leo says the iPad, hands down. The 12.9" iPad Pro has the best screen with miniLED. Better than most TVs. Get the Apple surround sound headphones!

Watch Jack from LA, CA Comments

Jack has used Google Takeout to download all his photos. What are the JSON files? Leo says that JSON is a text file that Google uses to provide a list of all photos. But he should also have all his JPEGs. There may also be metadata. Google has a note to explain it here.

One thing to try and rename the image.json to image.jpg and see if that returns to an image. With thousands of photos, he will want a mass file renaming tool to fix that problem. FileExplorer can do it. Just select all photos to rename first. Here's also a good article about how to migrate away from Google Photos -

Watch Carolyn from Sedona, AZ Comments

Carolyn wants to know what's the safest way to get a prepaid VISA card to use on her daughter's iPad and Apple Account. She doesn't want to use her credit card as Apple requires. Leo says she can get them at most stores and they are perfectly safe, but Apple doesn't allow them.  There's the Privacy card from You can even set a spending limit.  There's also Does a similar thing.

From the chatroom - Apple seems to have a workaround. But it won't let her download any apps, even free ones. Also, American Express gift cards seem to work.

Watch Doug from Magnolia, TX Comments

Tom has a Dell computer with a jittery mouse. He discovered that the Windows 20H2 update was the cause. So he removed it. Leo says that worked, but eventually, Tom is going to have to reinstall it to move forward. So he reinstalled H2, and his mouse problem returned. Leo says that 21H1 is coming, and there's a chance it may fix the issue. Can he stop Microsoft from updating Windows? Leo says he can by going into the setup and select "I have a metered internet connection." That will defer automatic updates. But sooner or later he will have to. Rollback 20H2, and then update with 21H1. Worst case it doesn't work and he can roll back again. But hopefully, it'll work.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Thomas from Detroit, MI Comments

Thomas is looking to get an iPad to supplement his iPhone and iMac. The 12.9" iPad Pro seems too big. So he's looking at the 11". Or should he get the iPad Air? Leo says to get the iPad Air. It has a true motion screen, can now use the Apple Pencil, and is a great first iPad. It's also just as fast or even faster. Not to mention a lot less expensive. It also has the A14 Bionic chip, which is essentially the M1 processor. The only real advantage the pro models have is storage. The Air only gets him 256GB. But that's enough.

What about the Thunderbolt 3 option? Leo says he won't miss it, since he'll have USB-C anyway. Should he get the Cellular version? Leo says that's just going to add another subscription and an unnecessary expense. He can hotspot it, or just use WiFi whever he is. 

Get the Air!


Watch Larry from San Diego, CA Comments

Larry is a pilot and flight instructor, and he bought X-Plane flight simulator for his computer. But it takes a long time to load and run. Leo says that X-Plane was created to run on computers that couldn't handle Microsoft's seminal Flight Simulator. Leo says the load time is due to all the textures. He could speed things up by putting an SSD into the computer. But if ready to get a new rig, then a gaming computer is the way to go. Could he get a server and have multiple terminals? Leo says that today's modern computing really is designed around one computer per desktop thinking. He really doesn't want to have more than one student sharing a computer for something like a Flight Sim. He could, however, do it where one terminal takes over control of the computer with a KVM switch.