Why Didn't My Old Laptop Speed Up With an SSD?

Episode 1800 (15:25)

Eric from Hollywood, CA

Eric has an old HP laptop that was lagging and slowing down. He replaced the hard drive with an SSD, but it still lags. Leo says it's possible that if Eric reinstalled a backup of Windows, that there's malware or some corrupted drivers that is the original cause of the lag. The best thing to do is install a fresh copy of Windows and start all over. That means backing up data, then format the drive, and installing Windows from a known, good source. NOT a backup. Then restore programs and data and see if that works. If it's still lagging, then it's just possible that the laptop is just showing its age. What Eric could do is install Linux on it and see if it speeds up. If it doesn't, then the laptop is just plain old.