Why Can't I Boot to My New SSD?

Episode 1800 (1:10:04)

Bob from Riverside
Windows 10

Bob installed a new SSD to his Dell computer, but he can't boot to it.  Leo says that where Rob went wrong is he tried cloning the drive to the SSD. What Bob needs to do is installing Windows directly onto the SSD. That way he gets the critical boot information. The reason is that Windows can't be copied from one drive to another. It must be installed. Bob can't get into setup though. So what does he do then? Leo says that Dells use F11 (or F12) to bypass the setup and go directly into boot order. Then he can go directly to the installer. 

If he can't, then Leo suggests taking out the drive and rebooting. It's also possible that Bob's keyboard is the culprit. 

Demos in the Chatroom - run into this on some older systems, there may be a slot for an extra drive but they share the same controller, and he can only use a SATA or M.2 drive, but not both at the same time. Take out the spinning SATA drive and install Windows on the M.2 drive.