Is There an Affordable Android Phone?

Episode 1800 (1:51:00)

George from Van Nuys, CA

George is looking for an affordable replacement for his Android phone. Leo says that he likes the Motorola G9. It's $238 and it has a huge battery. Decent camera. A little more expensive, but with a better camera is the Google Pixel 4a - and the 5a should be out in a few months.

What about a laptop? Not a power user. Leo is of the mind now that Chromebooks are ideal if most of the things we do are online. They're simple, secure, and very affordable. The new Acer Spin is about $350 and they are fantastic with an aluminum body. If what George wants to do can be done through the Chrome browser, then the Chromebook is for him. 

But if he'll want to do other applications like photo editing, then Leo likes Dell and Lenovo.