Scott Wilkinson... gone Coo Coo

Episode 1800 (27:20)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo to talk about a new streaming speaker system out there called Coo Coo, which streams live music from all over the world. Scott says the idea is that the music is designed to go with the speakers and so you need to subscribe to the season. Four seasons a year. It's a completely live performance, with no recordings, that are streamed directly to the speakers over the Internet. And when there isn't a concert scheduled, you hear live ambient sound from nature or a city square. Scott says he likes the idea of a live, streamed experience, but he doesn't care for the international retro feel with no video, and the choice of artists performing has been rather limited to ambient styles of music, which is lacking. The cost is $400 for the speakers and you get one season included. Then it's $80 a season.

Email from Reggie - Do center channel speakers need to go all the way down to 20 Hz? Scott says no, and you don't want to have a full range for the center channel. You want that to go to the subwoofer, while the center channel is "small," above 80 Hz. That's how you want to set up your home theater system.