How Can I Move Data From My Old Mac to a New Mac?

Episode 1800 (2:07:44)

Bob from Honolulu, HI
 Migration Assistant

Bob got a new Mac and wants to know how to transfer data from his old one. Leo says it should ask if the user wants to transfer from the old Mac at Setup.  It's called the Migration Assistant. It may even do it via WiFi. But definitely over USB. And it could take a while. But it can get stuck, so if it doesn't move after a few hours, Bob may need to quit it. But he'll get most of the data.

Bob also says the Mac starts up a bunch of things he doesn't want or need. How can he remove them? Leo says that startup items can live in a lot of different places, but look in the System preference pane. That's the safest place. Apple hides them because they don't want users to delete something the system needs. But under the finder, click Library, Startup Items, System Library Startup Items. There are also Launch Demons and Launch Agents. Bob will have to use the terminal to get to Launch Control. Type Launch control list. That will give a list.