What Are the Best Streaming Alternatives to Cable?

Episode 1798 (1:09:50)

Art from San Juan Capistrano, CA

Alan cut the cable and is watching TV with an antenna. But what about streaming? Leo says that's called "over the top," and he will need to still pay for internet service at least 100MB down to enjoy streaming in 1080p. Then he'll pay for Netflix and perhaps a second like Amazon Prime. But he can also get live streaming using a service like YouTube TV. Locast.org is a free streaming service, but they bug everyone for a donation of $5 a month. Even with using an antenna though, streaming can make it add up to the point where it starts to make cable look like a pretty good deal again.

He may also need to get a streaming box. Leo likes ROKU, but there's also Apple TV and Amazon Fire. Leo says that Roku is the best and offers a wide variety of channels.