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Episode 1795 May 9, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Jeremy from Houston, Texas Comments

Jeremy is looking for a challenging gift for his 7-year-old kid, living in the UK, that he can play with him online. Leo says that there's a fun networking puzzle computer game that you can play with your kids, called Factorio. It requires cooperation, and you can communicate via Discord. That could be a fun but challenging game. Brilliant is another one, but that's a bit mature for a 7-year-old. Probably better for middle school ages. There are also Words with Friends and Animal Crossing.

Minecraft is ideal for a kid his age as well, and you can run a server on a small computer like a raspberry pi. Check out the book Learn to Program with Minecraft: Transform Your World with the Power of Python by Craig Richardson. It not only teaches you to program using Python, but it comes with software for a Minecraft Server.  This could be the perfect thing to experience together online.

From the Chatroom -

Watch Henry from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Henry built a new PC, and he's having problems with his AMD Formula 8 motherboard when he tries booting up. It looks to be an issue with his Display Port. Leo says the first thing to look at is the display port cable. If it's gone bad, that could cause problems. Leo also says that this is the problem with building your own PC. You are your own tech support, and every part manufacturer is going to pass the buck when you call them. It's much better to let one company, like Asus or Dell, build the computer based on your choices and budget and let them be the tech support when something goes wrong. 

Watch Sam from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Sam's computer was recently stolen with a screenplay that he had been working on. He had a backup on his email, but he can't get into his email. He logs in, but he gets an incorrect password error. Leo says that the people who stole Sam's computer may have reset his Gmail password. Leo says to check out the Gmail Recovery page to take steps to get your email account back under your control. Outside of that, unfortunately, there's no way to get anyone at Google to help you as there is no support personnel dedicated to that. You could try posting something on the Gmail support forum.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Mark from Lincoln, RI Comments

Mark is looking for a good note-taking app. Leo says that he's played with several. There are a few online that are very interesting. Notion is one, Roam Research is another. There's an open-source app called Joplin that you can download. But Leo's favorite is Obsidian.

Watch Jimmy from Whittier, CA Comments

Jimmy's wife is going to have a baby soon, and she wants to be able to log into her account at work remotely while on maternity leave from work. Leo says that Join.Me is a great free option if her work IT guys allow it. Leo uses RemotePC (sponsor of the radio show). It's cheap at $4 a year for two computers. And it has a 7-day free trial. 

Watch Richard from Westchester, NY Comments

A week ago, his Apple Watch reported A-Fib while he was on vacation in Hawaii. The doctor at the hospital said that the Apple Watch likely saved his life. 

Watch Andy from Ventura, CA Comments

Andrew is tired of seeing unreadable, grayed-out text on websites. Leo blames Wired Magazine for the trend, which started around the early 2000s. And it's even worse on mobile devices. But there are a few tips to work around it. Almost all browsers will allow you to create a custom style sheet to override the settings of a website. It was created for this very reason. But it isn't easy to do. Check out the StyleBot extension in Google Chrome.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Cavot from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Cavot has been using DropBox for years and wants to know how he can easily transfer 2-3TB of data to a new service, like iDrive. Leo says that iDrive is a backup service, while DropBox is a file sharing and syncing solution. And not a great one at that. The problem is that DropBox also syncs deletions, so if you delete it off your hard drive, it'll delete it off dropbox. You can ask iDrive to send you a hard drive which you can then download the data and then send it directly to iDrive. 

ScooterX in the chatroom offers this from iDrive -

One way to do it is to get an external 4TB hard drive and sync Dropbox to it. Then it'll be on the external drive. Then you can have iDrive back that up. You can get a Seagate 8TB drive at Costco for $120. Great deal.

Watch Jimmy from Panama City, CA Comments

Jimmy misses Google Picasa. He loved that photo app. What's a good alternative that doesn't require a monthly fee? Leo says that Picasa was the sweet spot from the low-end freebie and the high-end app like Photoshop or Lightroom. Google bought it and then killed it after promising to move features over to Google photos, which they never really did. It's a pity too.

What about The Monument? Monument is a good option, but it's from Kickstarter, and there's no guarantee that it'll work overtime. But if it works for you, it doesn't require support. So if it works for you, then it should continue to work even if the company goes under.  NextCloud is a personal solution that's like your own personal DropBox. SynchThing is another that's open source. There are a lot of different solutions. Synology even has its own app.

Watch Nick from San Diego, CA Comments

Nick's computer has been really slow when he's online. Leo says that almost always, you can point to a failing spinning hard drive as the culprit. Generally, the best recommendation is to take the spinning drive out and replace it with a solid-state drive (SSD). It's usually a simple thing to do, but it depends on your computer or laptop. It's also pretty cheap to do at around $100. Another thing to try is to backup your data and reinstall everything, formatting the hard drive. That will certainly eliminate what Leo calls "Kruft," that causes the computer to slow down.

But if it's just the browser, you could try resetting your browser. But try updating the browser as well. Leo likes Microsoft's new EDGE browser. It's pretty fast. 

Watch Steve from Charlotte, North Carolina Comments

Roger just got a new Synology NAS and wants to know if he can put his old Synology hard drives into it. Leo says it may not be able to due to the age of the older NAS. There is a good app that comes with your Synology called Hyper Backup that will automatically sync two Synology's so that you have the same data on both. So instead of getting rid of it, use it as a backup to the backup, or at least migrate from one to another.