How Can I Get Rid Of Popups?

Episode 1793 (2:06:40)

Mario from San Diego, CA

Mario picked up a new HP computer, and he's now constantly getting popups when he's online. How does he get rid of them? Leo says that there's malware that can cause popups. Leo thinks Mario may have some malware installed on his computer from visiting a site he shouldn't have. It's a very common issue for Windows machines. Leo recommends going to the Windows recovery menu (Windows Key plus R) and select "reset this PC." If that doesn't do the job, you may need to go for the more radical option and have Windows reinstall itself. That's in the same menu.

Leo also recommends installing an ad blocker. Leo likes UBlock Origin. You'll be able to get it in the Microsoft store. That'll block popups, ads, and other malicious things. You won't need a 3rd party antivirus since Windows Defender is already on your system. But you want to be sure it stays updated.